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You have a visual story to tell, and you need a partner who understands your story.

Listening and understanding the story you want to tell is where I and MaRoZel begin. I am eager to dig into your situation, sift through all the parts and pieces, and find the solution that will best convey your vision and story to that targeted audience. This all starts with active listening and questioning, so I can fully understand your problem, what you want to say, and the limits we face.

From a grounding provided by a family of engineers and accountants, to an education in creative storytelling, theater and art, I’ve gained a passion for creative problem solving, big or small, complex or simple. I am here to listen and work with you, so we can find the best way to move forward together, and exceed the expectations of everyone involved.

Cultivating unique stories takes a team, between us and you the client, and also with the production team we put together to execute your story. I have cultivated a strong list of professionals to make sure that the team I bring together can execute the desired outcome, and do so calmly, professionally, and at the targeted budget we have set out to hit.

I’m a storyteller. I’ve loved creating stories and characters since I was young, and was also greatly influenced by math, science and engineering. I bring a unique mix of creativity and logical construction to build the story we set out to tell. I have made a point of studying both in film and in topics outside of the arts, to give me a broad range of knowledge for understanding many walks of life, and different viewpoints from my own.

My mission is to tell stories. I aim to collaborate with passionate people to convey their passion for their business or company or product to the best audience.

I’d like to help you speak to your audience.

Contact me and let me know how can we collaborate together
and forge a shared vision of your message.